Pharmevo is a pharmaceutical associated global organization with a refined sense of ethics & high standards of integrity. They provide quality healthcare solutions and keep patients’ well-being their ultimate concern. A progressive company that welcomes new ideas, Pharmevo embraces Information Technology as heart of the business and employs leading technologies to help achieve defined objectives.

Zaman Textiles

Zaman Textiles has a rich history established decades ago by Premier Group. Zaman Textiles has a lot to be proud of. From dressing wounds to mending sails on fishing boats, from dinner table to dressing table spun cottons, from time immemorial, have served humanity in more ways than any other fiber. Zaman has a philosophy to achieve excellence. Right from the fields, selecting the best quality of cotton and storing in a clean environment. The raw cotton is then converted in expertly designed, temperature controlled factories using latest machinery with watchful in-process inspection.


Premier is a prominent name based on end-to-end sales & distribution solutions with discipline and a unique sense of customer centricity that thrives to deliver service par excellence. A name based on quality-driven standards, and continual improvement in warehousing classifies Premier as one of the pioneers in modern distribution practices. It is a name that not only encourages product distribution but also product placement. Our extensive market goodwill and credibility enable our business partners to enjoy a distinguished advantage over others. others.


Shield Corporation Limited established its operation in the year 1975. We manufacture Oral Care & Baby Care products. The range includes a variety of Diapers, Toothbrushes, Baby Feeders, Soothers, Teethers, Nipples and Training Cups. Team Shield® is committed to providing best quality products to our consumers under the guidelines of ISO 9001 system requirements, moreover to the protection of the environment and for enforcement of strict code and regulations of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system.


With an extensive reach all over the country, note-worthy sales, and positive brand equity, Shield® is the market leader in the Baby Care category in Pakistan. Shield's presence in around 300 plus towns of Pakistan, including metros and non-metros is a matter of significance and pride for us.


With increased interconnectivity between financial and product markets, SHIELD® is following the trend of globalization and determinedly navigating a single economic sea. SHEILD® procurement and imports, including sole representations, reach out to different continents like Europe, Asia, and Africa. Shield® is currently importing its raw material for Baby Care & Oral Care segments from world-renowned global manufacturers including Germany, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, France, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia. For private labeling, Shield® jointly works with its foreign customers in China for the development of their product and its packaging/branding as per their demand which is in line with the end consumer expectations. Countries included in their circle of businesses are; China, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Uganda, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia.